Key For Vick? Target Harvin Early

It might only be just one game so far, but it looks as though Percy Harvin is much more focused playing for the New York Jets. It can be sometimes frustrating to say the least to go from a Super Bowl contender to one of the worst teams in the NFL, but it appears to have lit a fire underneath him. He was very strong in his 1st game, finishing with 28 rushing yards and 3 catches on the day. Now that Michael Vick is officially the starting quarterback, he should look for Harvin as much is possible.

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The veteran wide receiver got himself into a sticky situation with canadian roulette the Seattle Seahawks. He simply was not fitting into their system, and they decided that they would trade him while he still had a little bit of value. New York understands that he has talent, and it looks as though the trade has woken him up a little bit. Not only was he successful in his 1st game, but he did very little wrong out on the field. Being able to not miss any assignments the entire game after switching to a new system is certainly impressive.

Vick is going to have to show that he is a consistent passer in order to keep his job. The Jets are finally giving him a starting opportunity after Geno Smith having yet another poor performance. The leash is going to be pretty short for Vick, but the good news is that Harvin and Eric Decker have been around for a while. Those are 2 pretty good receivers he should be looking for early, and Harvin can make plays and make him look good by connecting with their new weapon.

When 2 players in the NFL are looking to silence the critics and earn their reputation back, they can use each other to make themselves better. That is exactly what Vick should be looking to do now that he finally gets the opportunity to be the starter and show what he has left in the tank.

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