Michael Vick’s Value In Fantasy Football – By Frank Masterson

Now that the New York Jets have officially signed Michael Vick to a new deal, there are plenty of people wondering just what type of value he will bring to the table. Specifically, there are many who wonder if his fantasy football value will go up at all. He certainly is dynamic enough of a player to make this work, but earning that starting job will be the first move he has to make.

Second year quarterback Geno Smith is thought of by many to still be the future of the franchise, but he obviously did not show a ton of consistency in 2013. That leaves a door open for Vick to earn that starting job.


At 33 years old, Vick is not the explosive quarterback he once was. However, he is an intriguing player, especially from a fantasy football point of view, because he can put up monster numbers from time to time. Consistency has been an issue for him in the past, but the Jets could possibly help him with that since they are a more conservative bunch on offense. Instead of trying to fit into Chip Kelly’s system, the Jets will want a quarterback who simply controls the offense.

With new wide receiver Eric Decker and possibly more help on the way, the offense in New York will be better in 2014. That is why it would probably be beneficial for the franchise to have a veteran calling the shots instead of a youngster like Smith. Michael Vick still has a few more decent years left in him, and he could help the Jets be playoff contenders in 2014.

By Frank Masterson