Sticking to the Game Plan: The Importance of Formations in Bingo and Football

It’s often surprising how some things which at first seem different turn out to be similar in more ways than one. It’s one thing to draw comparisons between, say, Sean Connery and Daniel Craig’s respective (and distinct) interpretations of James Bond. It’s another thing, however, to grasp just how much bingo and football have in common.


Bingo is a game about formations. As explained by Bubble Bonus Bingo, depending on which variant of the game you are playing, there can be several different winning formations: in 90-ball bingo, “The 1st place winner is the player that covers any 1 line pattern, the 2nd place winner covers any 2 line pattern and the Full House winner covers all 3 lines on the ticket” while “In 75-ball bingo, the variety of winning patterns is endless.” At its simplest, all that’s necessary for a win is a straight line with no gaps in between. Sometimes, more complicated patterns like V-shapes or crosses are called for. There may even be times when the pattern is just four holes at all four corners of the card, which seemingly makes a win harder to achieve because the nature of the pattern diminishes odds even further.

On the other hand, football is also a game about formations. In fact, unlike most other sports where plays are often called on the fly, each possession in football starts with a specific play already in place. Even audibles are preplanned, which is why there is such a heavy emphasis (more than most) on cohesive team play. Whatever the game plan, though, gaining a seat in the NFL playoffs requires the players to hold true to the specified formations.

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Impenetrable Wall 

The New York Jets are no strangers to this credo. This season has seen the team playing especially inspired defense. In fact, it is their actions on this side of the field that has allowed the Jets to remain competitive as the season progresses. One need not look farther than defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson’s five sacks and two forced fumbles to see why. Other brilliant defensive performances were provided by Sheldon Richardson and Damon Harrison, with a total of nine play-stopping tackles so far just between the two.

Of course, none of these highlights would have been possible without the whole defensive squad acting seamlessly as one. Under the guidance of Rex Ryan, Dennis Thurman, and the rest of the coaching staff, the Jets’ current 4-4 record just might make a speedy comeback yet.

Holding Strong 

Bingo and football: Two very different types of games, yet still alike in some ways. Both require patience, perseverance, and the will power of sticking to the plan. It’s just that only one of those hurts a player physically; but, eh, a line’s got to be drawn somewhere.