Is Graham Harrell Any Good?

Today my beloved (& recently behated) #Jets signed former Mike Leach, New Orlean Saints, and Green Bay Packers robot, Graham Harrell. Question is…is he any good? I honestly have no clue…but if YOU CLICK HERE you MAY, JUST MAY be able to get a solid 8 hours tonight >>>>>>> OR CLICK HERE

You’ll see video footage of Graham from a past preseason game do things a Jets QB hasn’t done since Willy. He throws a slant that isn’t intercepted, an accurate pass on the move, and a successful screen pass (WOOOOOAHHHHHH). Yes he does trip on the last play throwing a toss (hey we can’t have all the elite ones).

 Skip to 5 minutes 3 seconds. He hands the ball off 10 times in a row…maybe that’s why the Jets got em.