“The Dee Milliner Focus” – Guest Post

With all the focus on the quarterback position, it almost seems as though first round pick Dee Milliner is being overlooked. He is already being considered as a replacement for Darrelle Revis, but the question is, can he make the easy transition from college to the pros?

For the fourth straight season, the focus during the draft for the Jets was on improving their defense. This is a team that will always be built around stopping the other team. Yes, the offense might look bad at times, but the defense is the only part of the team you would consider drafting in daily fantasy sports.

Milliner has big shoes to fill, whether fair or not...

Milliner has big shoes to fill, whether fair or not…

Trading Revis during the prime of his career was one of the most definitive moves in Jets’ history, so Milliner obviously has big shoes to fill as the heir apparent. Perhaps the biggest question for the former Alabama star is, can he stay healthy enough to be productive? Remember, this is a guy who has had a total of five operations in recent years. The most troubling ones include his right knee, and both shoulders. It appears as though he will be fully healthy by training camp, but if he has to miss any time, it could set him back a bit for 2013.

Regardless as to whether or not Milliner has a solid rookie campaign or not, the Jets certainly have to make a number of other adjustments to get to where they need to be. The pressure is always going to be pretty high in New York, but cornerbacks are rarely the focal point, so Milliner should be able to relax and do his job. Unless he is constantly getting beat and exploited, the focus will be on other parts of the team. Comparing him to Revis is unfair, but the Jets did take him #9 overall for a reason.

By Fan Duel